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A POWERFUL and award-winning capture solution that automates document workflows.

Capturing data from documents in bulk can have an impact on efficiency and productivity. Streamline your business processes with automated document capture.

Stop manual document capture.

Manual document capture is time-consuming, prone to human errors and costly. Automate document capture to improve data accuracy, workflow, and cost effectiveness in your business processes.

Start automating your document processing workflows.

Easy, affordable, and secure to implement streamlined document workflows and business process management tasks.

Automated end-to-end document data capture.
Capture, extract, process, enrich document data and store them safely.


Automated multi-source document capture experience.

Capture business-critical documents from different sources such as MFP, Desktop Modules/Clients, Mobile devices, Hot Folder, E-mail, etc and determine how additional information related to the document, or metadata should be retrieved.


Automatically process documents without user intervention.

Automated document processing allows the document to be distributed in the most efficient manner by enforcing rules and policies without any user intervention which adds unnecessary risks and resources.


Route, backup and distribute documents automatically.

Route, distribute or save documents in a folder on the network, a database, cloud storage, or as an e-mail attachment, etc. via a wide range of connectors. All done seamlessly without you even noticing it.

Advanced features that automate workflows.

Capture documents from different sources such as MFP, Desktop Modules/Clients, Hot Folder, E-mail, mobile, etc.

Automatically recognize each document and process it using the right workflow template.

Backup incoming documents to a protected network easily and securely.

Take photos, upload documents and insert metadata from your mobile.

Customize PowerShell, C# and expression to automate your workflow in scale.

Specify the conditions under which a connector executes.

Documents can be captured seamlessly across various MFP brands.

Electronically sign any document processed safely through the server.

Supports document output to various file formats and compresses the file size.

Wide range of MFP capture source

Start automating your
document processing workflows.

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