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Enhanced Efficiency in Logistics Document Processing.

Brian Young | September 10, 2023 | 4 mins read


The challenge:

The client faced a significant challenge in dealing with a specific type of delivery document. This document, containing barcodes and multiple delivery notes on a single page, posed difficulties in extracting and segregating information for database entry. The complexity of this task hindered the client's ability to efficiently update their database with accurate delivery information.

The solution:

A tailor-made development was crafted to seamlessly handle complex delivery documents. The implemented system incorporates advanced features such as barcode recognition, enabling swift identification of delivery notes. Document segmentation into eight distinct parts streamlines the extraction process, while robust database integration ensures real-time updates with the extracted information. To optimize workflow, a specialized script facilitates load balancing between folders, coupled with the ability to divert to a secondary server based on file size considerations.

Logistics workflow

In the realm of logistics and supply chain management, the efficient handling of delivery documents plays a pivotal role in ensuring accurate and timely updates to databases. This case study delves into a compelling challenge faced by our client, a key player in the industry, as they grappled with a unique hurdle in processing a specific type of delivery document. This document, characterized by the presence of barcodes and multiple delivery notes on a single page, presented a formidable obstacle in the extraction and segregation of information essential for updating their database. The intricacies of this task were impeding the client's ability to maintain a streamlined and error-free system for managing crucial delivery information.

In response to this challenge, a tailor-made development was crafted to address the complexities of handling such intricate delivery documents. The implemented system stands as a testament to innovation in document processing, featuring advanced functionalities like barcode recognition for swift identification of delivery notes. The document itself undergoes a sophisticated segmentation process into eight distinct parts, facilitating a seamless extraction of information for database entry. The integration with a robust database ensures real-time updates, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of the overall process. Furthermore, a specialized script was implemented to optimize workflow, incorporating load balancing between folders and the flexibility to divert to a secondary server based on file size considerations.

The key components of the solution included:

Barcode Recognition

A specialized script was developed to read the barcode located at the top of the document. This allowed for quick and accurate identification of each delivery note.

Document Segmentation

The document was intelligently split into eight separate parts, each corresponding to a distinct delivery note. This segmentation was crucial for handling documents with up to eight separate delivery notes on a single page.

Database Integration

A robust mechanism was established to loop up the database and promptly update it with the information extracted from the eight delivery barcodes. This ensured that the database remained current and reflective of the latest delivery details.

Load Balancing and Server Diversion

A special script was designed to load balance between folders, optimizing the processing workflow. Additionally, based on file size considerations, the system could divert processing to a secondary server, enhancing overall efficiency.

The outcome

Logistics workflow

The implementation of the tailored solution resulted in a multitude of positive outcomes for the client:

  • Swift Document Processing

    Documents are now processed rapidly, with data updated within seconds to the database. This has significantly reduced the time required for manual data entry.

  • Accurate Delivery Information

    The use of barcodes and regular expressions ensure accuracy in the extraction and entry of delivery data. This accuracy is paramount in maintaining the integrity of the logistics operation.

  • Secure Proof of Delivery Storage

    Delivery data, including proof of delivery details, is now securely stored. This enhances accountability and provides a reliable record of completed deliveries.

  • Time and Cost Savings

    The client is saving both time and money by efficiently scanning and processing large volumes of documents, each containing up to eight separate delivery notes per page.

  • Project Expansion

    The success of this project has sparked further interest from the client, leading them to explore a mobile scanning solution to enhance flexibility and accessibility.

  • Resilient Infrastructure

    The implementation of load balancing and server diversion has provided the client with a robust and resilient solution. Confidence in core operational processes has increased, contributing to smoother logistics operation.

This case study exemplifies how a customized technological solution can successfully address complex challenges in logistics document management, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy, and overall operational effectiveness.

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