Customer stories | Agriculture | Invoice & Credit notes

How a client in France improved their efficiency by automating their document capture workflow to dynamic destinations.

Misra Ngonga | September 10, 2023 | 3 mins read

Invoice n Credit notes

The challenge:

Split documents according to document types scanned in the same batch and remove the unwanted document types.

A folder needs to be created for each document according to the date. The document itself needs to be renamed according to their client number and invoice/credit note numbers.

The solution:

Convert documents to searchable PDF, using Zone OCR to distinguish document types and extract their respective data.

The data extracted from the document are used to create folders per date and rename documents according to client number and invoice/credit note number.

Move other documents to a different folder.

A client in France needed to scan batches of documents containing multiple invoices credit notes and other documents. Each batch contained multiple-paged invoice/credit notes. After scanning, the batch needed to be split up into individual invoices/credit notes.

For each invoice/credit note, the client wanted to create a folder for the invoice/credit note date and save the invoice/credit note to that folder. The invoices/credit notes were to be named according to their individual invoice numbers.

They needed to find a way to also remove documents that were neither invoices nor credit notes but were scanned in the same batch as the invoices and credit notes.

The solution

  ZONE OCR and ScannerVision functions (Expressions)

Using ZoneOCR in ScannerVision™, we were able to recognize the fields on the invoices and credit note and extract their respective data.

Using ScannerVision™ functions on the data returned by ZoneOCR we were to precisely extract only the data needed. Thanks to ScannerVision™ functions we didn't have to create multiple zones to capture from the multiple fields. One large Zone was all we needed; the functions determined which information in the zone could be extracted. The functions also allowed us to tell apart invoices from credit notes and other documents.

Benefit of single one large OCR Zone and ScannerVision™ functions to extract the needed data:

  • During scanning, the pages didn't have to be scanned 100% upright or correctly in order for the data areas on the scanned cover page to line up with the Zones in ScannerVision™ OCR engine. Using a large Zone allowed us to capture the data even when the cover page was skewed when scanned.

  ScannerVision™ conditions

ScannerVision's function (expression) is able to detect when a given format or expression is not met and informs the ScannerVision processing engine. Using this information, ScannerVision™ was able to store Invoices and credit notes to the correct storage directory and move documents that were neither invoices nor credit notes to a rejection folder.

  Multiple Document processors

Because the client was uploading a large number of documents, we enabled multiple document processors. Each document processor works independently, this enabled ScannerVision™ to process multiple documents simultaneously.

The outcome

ScannerVision™, through the integration of Zone OCR and other functions, provided a comprehensive and adaptive solution for our client's document processing challenges.

  • Accurately recognized fields on invoices and credit notes, extracting relevant data.
  • Allowed data capture even when cover pages were not scanned perfectly upright, accommodating variations in document orientation.
  • Effectively differentiated invoices, credit notes, and other documents.
  • Automatically sorted invoices and credit notes to the correct storage locations.
  • Enabled multiple document processors to work independently, facilitating the simultaneous processing of a large volume of documents.

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