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Our story

With roots planted over a decade ago, Ubunye has evolved and established itself as a pioneering software developer. With a suite of services that includes development, sales, and support for advanced document capture, we have enabled countless of organizations with proprietary middleware solutions that offer a simple, cost efficient and secure streamlining of document workflows and business process management tasks.

Essentially, UBUNYE is at the forefront of helping corporations extend the life cycle and usage of regular office equipments whilst leveraging investments in corporate network infrastructure. Award-winning ScannerVision™, the original name given to the main product, was primarily created to be integrated into multifunctional devices to give consumers add-on features beyond the default stock scanning functions of the device.

aivika’s introduction in 2017 signalled the dawn of a new suite of services and advanced solutions aimed specifically at document workflow as opposed to scanning, thus allowing for the overall range of offered services to also include desktop and mobile devices, significantly increasing our customer base. Hence in 2018, the time had come for UBUNYE to be established. Meaning “Unity” in the ancient Zulu language, it was a fitting moniker that best reflected our clear and futureproof vision to integrate with multiple and cross-channel business applications with our pioneering document workflow product.

Now, with the release of DocVolante, we have established ourselves as an end-to-end solutions provider with ScannerVision™, aivika Capture Pro & aivika Mobile Client that offer a full feature set. We have fulfilled the needs of a business searching for the complete ‘Capture, Process, Store and Manage’ solution for all your paper and digital documents.