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Epson: 2018 Paris Partner Roadshow

18 - November - 2018

ScannerVision was invited by Epson to the 2018 Paris Partner Roadshow.
This year’s focus was around solutions, sharing creative ideas that will assist Epson resellers from Benelux region to grow their businesses by networking effectively and sharing the know-how to optimize document workflows and the advantages it entails.
For the partners and IT specialists who visited the Epson and ScannerVision booth, the team will contact you to shortly to arrange a demonstration of our ScannerVision and Aivika products.
A special thanks to Epson Netherlands for a great program, well-organized event, amazing French cuisine and, of course, for inviting ScannerVision.

ScannerVision launches ASSIST Program

01 - September - 2018

Save time and resources in every ScannerVision related projects! Please take a look at our ASSIST page, or contact our Business Process Services team at for more information.

Welcome to Brian

03 - August - 2018

We at ScannerVision and Aivika are thrilled to announce that Brian Young joins the ScannerVision family from 1st September 2018 as the head of business development for the UK and Ireland. Brian has over 30 year’s experience in the office equipment sector with the past 23 spent doing pre and post sales roles in document printing, scanning and management systems
Having worked for manufacturers and dealers over this time, Brian's understanding of the market, hardware and software integration on a wide range of platforms will play an important part in developing and supporting the resellers and partners of ScannerVision and Aivika in, and around the UK. In addition to working with the resellers, we will be looking to enhance our integration with other third party software applications

"I am enthusiastic, motivated and looking forward to bringing product and brand awareness to the market which has been lacking the cost effective, dynamic software solutions we have to offer"
- Brian Young

Introducing Aivika Capture

11 - May - 2018

When we designed ScannerVision 8 we focused on performance improvement. Most modules and enhancements that are added in ScannerVision 8 were created to make everything faster. Parallel Processing Engine is developed so that multiple documents can be processed simultaneously. We created High Performance Network to reduce network load and to quickly deliver information from the source to the client. And now we introduce Aivika Capture and Aivika Capture Pro, designed to help you select and send documents easier and quicker than before

For more info please visit the Products Page on

New opportunities in the connected world

11 - May - 2018

Today we are living in a world where waiting for information is a luxury we do not have. Everyone expects to get answers immediately, whether it's an order confirmation, delivery notification, or any additional document that is not part of, but is still relevant to the process. Most of these processes still require information, such as a paper or digital document, to be transported from point A to point B, which could form a bottleneck in any company workflow. This poses an opportunity for businesses that embrace the technology to optimize document workflows, making sure that documents can be stored in any application, in the right way, and using the fastest way possible.

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