Year of Accountants

For only €450 you can now have up to 5 people working from home and streamline your document workload. Your day-to-day business processes of classifying, verifying, document archiving, and communicating financial information have never been easier. From Financial Statements to Tax Returns, document capture and data extraction. Let our system do the work for you, using a unified interface and templates that are customizable to each business, department and user.

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Package Details

  • ScannerVision™ Scan-For-You 3-Year license including Forms.
  • 2x MFP licenses (multi-function product/printer/peripheral).
  • 1x Additional Document Processor.

  • 1x Aivika Capture Pro bundle for 5 users.
  • 1x Workflow (consisting of a Maximum 1 Hour customization).

*Additional development and/or customization will be billable