Connectors link ScannerVision servers directly to an organisation's document management or business system.

By utilizing a server connector, the power of ScannerVision can now be directed to the right location inside a DMS or ERP, with little user intervention. ScannerVision servers also support the standards-based WebDAV protocol, enabling connections to an ever wider range of business and document systems.
A connector can either be a module that once installed, will be available in ScannerVision and can be added to a workflow, or a preconfigured workflow containing every configuration and scripts that can be imported into ScannerVision and are required to communicate with your business application.

The ScannerVision Connector SDK is also available for developers to create a native connector for just about anything; contact for more information.
Click on any of the connectors below to download them for use in conjunction Scannervision Version 8.10; to access connectors of previous version of ScannerVison kindly login on our Partner Portal

ScannerVision Connectors

AFAS Connector
Ceyoniq Connector
ChipSoft HiX Connector
DocQuijote Connector
Docuware Connector
Dropbox Connector
eDoc Pro Connector
Evernote Connector
FileDirector Connector
FileStream Workflow
Google Drive Connector
Hyarchis Connector
Iress Xplan Connector
M-Files Connector
MyDOCument Connector
NetDocuments Connectorr
Objective Connector
ProManagement Workflow
SharePoint Connector
Unit4 Cura Connector
Unit4 Document Management Connector

The following Connectors come Pre-built within ScannerVision:

C#, PowerShell, VBScript and Jscript
eMail Connector
FTP Connector
SQL DBMS Connector
WebDav Connector
Windows File System Connector

ScannerVision supports the following authentication providers:

aQrate Authentication
Equitrac Authentication
Kyocera Authentication
myQ Authentication
Papercut Authentication
ScannerVision Authentication

Connectors Developed By Our Partners:

Basenet logo

Basenet Connector

cclaw logo

CClaw Connector

Devoon NEXTassyst logo

Devoon NEXTassyst Connector

Epona DMS for Legal logo

Epona DMS for Legal

Epona DMS for Legal

Nedap Ons

Nedap Ons Connector

Nedap Ons

PlanCare logo

PlanCare Connector

Regas logo

Regas Connector


Trivium Fortuna logo

Trivium Fortuna Connector

Trivium NEXTmatters logo

Trivium NEXTmatters Connector

aivika onelite

Document Management System

Aivika Onelite

ScannerVision also works with Aivika Onelite DMS