Welcome to the ASSIST program page

As ScannerVision is growing rapidly with new partners we need to keep increasing our professional service level and for this reason we introduced the ScannerVision ASSIST program. In this program we offer services that will help our partner to save time and resources in every ScannerVision related projects, and allow our partners to improve customer satisfaction even further.

These are the services that are offered by the ASSIST program:

ASSIST Programs offered by ScannerVision

ScannerVision Advanced Support

To ensure that your critical scan processes are running smoothly, it is important that ScannerVision server and processes are carefully optimized. Any ScannerVision related issues should be treated effectively and with the least amount of downtime. Changes to the ScannerVision configuration are best done by a person with an extensive knowledge of ScannerVision architecture and functionality.

We understand that you would prefer to concentrate on your business, so in order to minimize ScannerVision server downtime and to ensure that impact to your daily document workflows can be kept as low as possible we offer you ScannerVision Advanced Support. You can request ScannerVision Advanced Support to take care of your issues and make fine adjustments to your processes, so you don’t have to.


ScannerVision Training

Training is available to all partners in two categories, namely Sales and Technical. Both of these categories are available in different levels. Candidates for the higher training levels are expected to meet certain minimum requirements which are set out below. Candidates who have successfully completed the training courses will be able to offer the best possible service and support to their customers.

ScannerVision Consultancy

ScannerVision always strives to deliver the best solution in document management, and we want to empower you with all the knowledge of our amazing applications.

Once a business owner defined the needs to optimize his document workflow, a person with strong analytical skills is required in order to completely understand the process, which can only be achieved by carefully performing the followingtasks:

  • Classify document types and define workflows accordingly.
  • Utilize zone OCR, forms- and/or barcode recognition to minimize manual actions.
  • Apply image processing to maximize document quality.
  • Store the document by following the rules and requirements set by the backend application (e.g. ERP, CRM, custom database application).
  • Recognize potential security risks so that full compliance with company policy can be achieved.
  • Notify stakeholders when a document is processed or needs to be checked.

We understand that not all of our partners have accumulated the skills and experience required to fully understand the customer’s situation. In order to deliver the best possible solution and gain customer satisfaction we offer you our Consultancy Services.



Making a connector or a device client requires a deep know-how of ScannerVision SDK, and an extensive understanding of the back end application. Writing the connector that you can use to save time when designing workflows and to attract more customers is one of the services that we offer. The connector will:

  • Be tailored to your specification.
  • Help you design a workflow with less time and effort.
  • Allow you to write less scripts or avoid them altogether.
  • Perform bidirectional communication if the back end application allows it.
  • Be developed to accommodate scan processes based on customer requirements.
  • Send the document as quick and securely as possible using the back end’s API.
  • Receive the necessary certification from the back end software supplier, when required.


Workflow creation

Once customer requirements have been specified and all required connectors and/or clients have been developed, the next stage of the implementation is to create and configure the workflows. Workflow creation begins with carefully analyzing the document containing all requirements / functionalities document designed by your team or our consultant.

This document also contains the specification of every item that needs to be added and configured in a workflow. Since our workflow specialists areaware of what the customer expects based on the provided documentation, we also know which tests should be performed in order to ensure that the workflow meets the specific requirements.


We offer various levels of ASSIST membership: Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher the level, the more benefits you can get as an ASSIST member. Please contact our Business Process Services team (bps@ubunye.com) for further enquiries